09 Mar 2018

Tips for Making Your Restaurant a Huge Hit

As any restaurant owner knows, the food and services industry has an extremely narrow profit margin. If you aren’t careful, the costs can quickly overshadow the profits. There is only so much

07 Mar 2018

Tips to maximize a small office space

If your crumpled office space is turning out to be frustrating for you, it’s time to make necessary changes in your office and be happy about the same. With this, you’ll find

27 Feb 2018

Kent Design Studio Shortlisted in RICS Awards 2018

A project from Biddenden-based architectural practice, Kent Design Studio, has been shortlisted in the prestigious RICS Awards 2018 for the London region in the Building Conservation category.  The project, Inverness Terrace in

05 Feb 2018

Building Your Business through Pension Backed Funding

Financing a business in any economic climate is an uphill battle in an already crowded field. Small businesses mushroom every day all over the country and more than 80% of them depend

25 Jan 2018

7 Reasons Your Human Resources Department Is Vital To Your Business

At the companies I’ve worked for in the past, I always considered the human resources department as somewhat of an enigma. Often tucked away, you don’t always see them, but you know

16 Jan 2018

Ways To Make Your Startup More Successful

Being a startup comes with its own set of challenges. It can be frustrating when you feel like you’re doing it all right and still aren’t seeing the results you want. This

13 Jan 2018

Requirements for Changing a Will after Death

Can a will be changed after death? Clients often ask this question of the solicitors at SCL Wills and Probate. It is possible to change a will after death in the UK.

04 Jan 2018

Tips on Using Settlement Agreement to Resolve an Employment Issue

Facing an employment issue is not something you want to experience. Unfortunately, even in today’s business climate, there are still circumstances where you might disagree with your current employer. In these circumstances,

04 Jan 2018

How To Defend Yourself In A Criminal Court

If you or a loved one has been accused of conspiracy, whether involving theft, drugs or something as serious as murder, you need help to defend yourself properly and effectively. This can

18 Dec 2017

How the Cloud Can Empower Your Business

Running a business requires a vast and dynamic skill set. To be at the helm of your own enterprise requires thinking outside of the box, leadership, and impeccable organisation. However, these traits,

14 Dec 2017

Reducing Your Last Minute Christmas Expenses

The big day may be fast approaching, but it’s not too late to reign in your Christmas spending. In accordance with the popular jingle, Christmas may be the most wonderful time of

05 Dec 2017

A Complete Guide to Securing Your Business

With a third of small businesses falling prey to cybercrime, it has never been more important to secure our online data. However, due to this heightened security risk, it’s easy to forget