Now you’re officially hitched, it’s time to relax into your evening and celebrate with your family and friends. But aside from swooning at your stunning dress and wiping away a few tears, the reception is the biggest thing your guests will remember about your event, so it’s important to make sure you put the right emphasis on the evening’s entertainment. Getting the party in full swing needs an experienced hand, and that’s where a professional DJ service can elevate it from wall hugging to floor jumping. Here are a few things to expect and look out for when you’re choosing your DJ.

Hero Shot Wedding Dance

For the professional DJ, the service does not begin on the day of your event. You can expect to have several conversations in the time leading up to your reception which cover any must-have tracks (and any must-nots), your first dance arrangements, the schedule of events for the evening and suggestions for the lighting and layout suitable for your venue. It’s wise to make sure that the person you speak to will be the person you’ll see on the night; be careful of disco ‘agencies’ who supply a disco for the evening but who are not there personally to oversee proceedings. It’s easy for plans to go awry when you’ve not made them with the DJ directly. If you’re uncertain, it’s a great idea to ask your venue if they have any disco recommendations; good DJs will look to build relationships with these places by the virtue of their great performances so you can be sure you’ll be talking to companies that have already impressed.

A DJ’s equipment is as important as any musician’s instrument and they should know it as intimately. Expect your DJ to be an audiophile and therefore the equipment that they choose to be extremely high grade. You’re paying for a professional with specialist equipment so don’t accept anything less than brilliant sound quality – loud music is good music when it doesn’t hurt your ears.

It’s not just all about the music. A disco set up is both light and sound and your options here can be varied. Imagine, you can feel the thump of the bass in your chest. The lights around you are changing through a rainbow of colours. You’re moving on the dance floor and are surrounded by happy faces. You’re having a great time and then the 3D lasers begin whirling and striking through the haze. What a show! Lasers really bring the wow factor to any event. We see them at concerts, TV shows and anywhere where the crowd is large and excited. Why not bring that atmosphere you your special day? Perhaps you’re after a more elegant display and would prefer the lighting to match your colour theme? There’s nothing more special than dancing close to your new spouse for the first time while being bathed in the subtle glow of dressed columns that stand to attention around the dance floor.

Premier Column at The Old Kent Barn

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Photographs taken at The Old Kent Barn and Westenhanger Castle wedding and event venues.

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