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6 Grooming Tips to Make You Feel & Look More Masculine

Some of us men like to feel rugged, however, there is a notion that for men to look masculine, they cannot adopt grooming tips. This is a myth, and one that has been busted. Grooming and taking care of your appearance does not deplete your masculinity. Rather, it simply allows you to grow old more graciously, while also tending to your skin and hair. It also allows for men to seem more confident.

  1. Facial Hair Care

It does not matter if you prefer clean shaven, stubble or a beard, your facial hair will require careful maintenance in order to maximise its appeal.

Clean Shaven: Shave daily with a sharp razor blade and a decent coat of shaving cream. Furthermore, warm the razor under hot water before shaving.

Stubble: Shave sharp, straight lines for a strong, chiselled look and remove any stray hairs that appear high off the cheekbone.

Beard: You will need to regularly shape and maintain your beard. For beginners, it is best left to your barber.

  1. Hygiene

There is nothing masculine about not looking after your body and neglecting your appearance. This means that you should have a daily hygiene routine that involves showering, wash your face, wear deodorant, trim your nails and generally take steps to be fresh and clean every day. This will also include a good dental hygiene routine which should consist of brushing twice daily, flossing and using mouthwash.

  1. Hair

Many men are self-conscious about their hair, especially if they are balding or have thinning hair which can feel emasculating. You can look and feel more masculine with a hair transplant from a specialist like GetHair. This can transform your appearance and give you a significant confidence boost that will change your life. It is then a matter of picking a suitable hairstyle for your face and maintaining it consistently.

  1. Manscaping

Manscaping is good practice in today’s day and age, so look to keep things neat and tidy. This can be tricky and dangerous if you are not careful, so it is helpful to search online for guides. You could also go to a professional salon – many also cater to men!

  1. Eyebrow Care

The Neanderthal look of eyebrows meeting in the middle is not a good look! Therefore, pluck any stray hairs or ones that appear above or below your brow for a neat, tidy look.

  1. Fragrance

A nice aftershave is a fantastic way to feel and smell more masculine, but you need to find one which suits you and to be careful with how much you apply – a person should meet you before they meet your aftershave.

Proper grooming is the best way to both look and feel more masculine. It can require time and effort, but ultimately it will show that you take pride in your appearance and this will be something that people notice. Additionally, once you get into a grooming routine, it will be much easier, and you will notice the positive impact on how you look and feel.

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