5 ways to motivate yourself to get out and run

While we’re still in the beginning of the year, the idea of getting out for a brisk form of exercise isn’t always going to instil enthusiasm. If you take your runs before work, waking up to darker skies can be a reason (or excuse) for postponing your run again and again. A bit of preparation and motivation can sometimes motivate us to throw off the sheets and go out for some exercise.

1.   Put your running clothes in sight

Morning motivation is one of the most fragile forms of enthusiasm. If you’re a natural morning person, then there’s probably nothing better than springing out of bed and leaping into your running shoes for an enthusiastic wake-up. However, for many people the mornings are the worst slog of the day, with the snooze button being a familiar crutch. Once we’re up and about, the last thing we want to do is spend time hunting for trainers, recently washed jogging bottoms or a fitness bra. Putting them in an easy-to-see pile near the bed makes little excuse to grab them when you’re awake and ready.

2.   Find areas of natural beauty

When you’re starting out, you don’t really notice how beautiful your running is. Let’s face it – you’re probably more preoccupied with keeping going and not coming to a stop in front of a group of dog walkers. However, once you progress your mind is likely to wander while your distances grow every week.

Finding a running route that’s mentally relaxing and visually beautiful makes the whole experience of running less like a chore and more of a pleasant headspace that you look forward to visiting. Finding areas of natural beauty, of which Kent has plenty, are great places to plan your running route around. Bedgebury National Pinetum and Forest is just one place that you might be lucky enough to live near.

3.   Buy the right gear

If your old, thread-bare shorts make the idea of running mortifying, then it’s maybe time to recycle them. Buying some new kit – maybe new shorts or trainers – will make you excited to use it. It’s true that a lot of professional running kit can be expensive, but brands like Nike have plenty of high street prices available on their clothing lines. Keeping your eyes peeled for a 20% off Nike coupon code and vouchers is another great way of keeping costs down on buying running kit.

4.   Choose music you love

If you’ve recently finished a running podcast that gradually builds up your ability, you might be feeling lost without the structure and routine. Putting together a playlist with your favourite music and using the fitness function on your phone or mp3 player means you get the same structure but with music you actually love to listen to. Running is much easier to get into when the music puts you in the mood first.

5.   Plan your breakfast

If you run in the evenings or afternoons, this can easily be changed to ‘plan your snack.’ Prepping what food you’re going to need in the morning or afternoon means you’ve anticipated needing the energy to go out and exercise. Putting the ingredients for porridge or toast on your counter, or packing a bag with apples and nuts means that you’ll have a full stomach and won’t be completely void of energy.

The worst feeling before a run is the anticipation of going outside when all you want to do is sit down. However, eliminating excuses and giving yourself the energy is less likely to make you want to sit down and more likely to just go for it.

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