5 Alternative Hen Party Ideas

Once upon a time, hen parties were all about going out to a club and drinking a lot. Today, however, women want more than that from their hen night, and dancing on tables just won’t do anymore – particularly as women are getting married later in life in the 21st century and they want something a little more sophisticated and enjoyable. They want something to remember. Here are some great alternative hen party ideas to consider if you’re planning a ‘do’.

The Zen Party

A ‘zen party’ is as far removed from the typical idea of a hen party as it is possible to get. Rather than going out in the town, you and your friends go to a retreat and spend the time getting to know yourself, and one another, a lot better. A zen party is all about relaxation. You’ll try yoga, massage, gentle exercise, exploring nature and perhaps even trying your hand at some arts and crafts. When it’s all over you’ll be feeling more than ready for your big day.

A Countryside Cottage

Hiring cottages for large groups can sometimes be a problem. Property owners often don’t like the idea of a group getting together in their cottage because of the potential problems and damage that can occur, which means that even if you’re the best behaved bunch of people on the planet, you’ll still not be able to hire a place out that everyone can stay in. There are companies such as, however, that specifically cater to large groups who want to have a great time, so all is not lost if you just do a little searching online.

Adventure In The Great Outdoors

There are hen party ideas to suit everyone, and that includes those who love the countryside and the great outdoors. You could go llama trekking, or spend the day helping out on a farm. Perhaps you like the idea of orienteering or geocaching (walking, but with a purpose), or could it be that an activity such as sailing floats your boat? Bushcraft is another excellent, fun idea, and there are a number of companies that specialise in group bookings.


If you prefer to stay at home, then a grown up sleepover is a wonderful idea. Remember back to when you were children and try to recreate the sleepover experience. Using the living room as a bedroom, complete with sleeping bags or duvets, eat junk food and watch DVDs, tell stories and laugh until you ache before you all eventually nod off. In the morning you can all group together to create a massive cooked breakfast to wake everyone up properly again.

Your Own British Bake Off

If you love The Great British Bake Off (and who doesn’t?), you can recreate the competition at home with friends. It’s a lot of fun and you’ll end up with lots of cakes and other sweet treats at the end that you can all tuck into. Add some bubbly and you’ve created a decadent cream tea all by yourself!

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