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4 Ways to Add Style and Sophistication to Your Bedroom

Which is the one place you would want to hit after a long day? Without a doubt, it would be your bedroom. It is the only place on Earth where a person can feel totally relaxed and comfortable. This is why it pays to put in a little extra effort to create an ambience that spells comfort in this space.

What many people find confusing is how to achieve just that. Experts at Guzel Dezayns, known for their elegant embroidered cushions, pillow covers and embroidered bedding sets, advise homeowners to start investing in high quality mattresses and linen for their bedroom. Using high quality materials adds to the luxurious feel, while also adding a touch of elegance to the room that is your safe haven from the world.


Here are a few tips that can help you add your personal style and sophistication to your bedroom.

4 Steps to a Stylish and Sophisticated Bedroom

  1. Opt for Neutral Colours: The ultimate benefit of using neutral colours is that they are versatile and can match with almost any type of décor. You can add colourful accents to brighten up the space through throw pillows, blankets and rugs.
  2. Upgrade the Bedding: Many studies have revealed that the bed should be placed at the centre of the room so that both partners have easy access to it. This will bring the bed to a focal point in your Therefore, it makes sure you use good linen to accentuate it, such as embroidered bedding sets and pillow covers. It will immediately up the style quotient of the room.
  3. Choose the Right Pillows: Choosing the right pillows is crucial for a good night’s sleep. The height, softness and quality will all make a difference. In addition, choose the size according to the size of your bed and use embroidered pillow covers to add a touch of elegance.
  4. Include Duvets and Sheets: Did you know what can make a bed look even more royal? It is the layering in the bedding. However, it is not possible with those heavy quilts. This is where the fine 800 thread-count duvet covers and sheets come to the rescue. These are made of breathable and lightweight fabric and are very durable, while also looking beautiful. However, make sure that while tempted by layering, you do not add so much linen that it makes the bed much too warm for you or creates a hassle to make the bed each day.

If you think that your high-end sheets can hide that crappy mattress underneath, you are wrong. Buying yourself a high quality mattress would be a major step towards a sophisticated and comfortable bedroom. So, go ahead and invest in your bedroom and see how you wake up each morning, feeling fresh and relaxed.

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