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4 Ideas For A Getaway With Your Other Half

A romantic break with a partner is something that can really boost a relationship – it means that you can spend time together, just the two of you, which isn’t always possible when you are at home, especially if you live with other people, such as parents, children, or housemates.

It’s important to choose the right destination and accommodation when you are having a getaway with your other half, and where you go and what you do will be dependent on your personalities, as well as your budget. Here are some ideas that you can start with when it comes to deciding on your ideal romantic holiday.

A Villa In Portugal

Villas make perfect sense when you want something perfect for your romantic weekend, week, or fortnight away. The main advantage of a villa is that you can enjoy complete privacy, which makes a holiday with a partner even more wonderful. Not only that, but because they are self-catering, you can create some amazing romantic meals together, and enjoy the villa as though it were your own home.

As for Portugal as a destination, that makes sense too. Holidays in Algarve have always been somewhere that couples have wanted to book; the coast is rugged yet beautiful, and the beaches are stunning, secluded and romantic. You can enjoy the cuisine together, tasting different dishes, and Portuguese wine is famous around the world, so wine tasting should be on the top of your to do list.

A Theatre Trip To London

If you prefer to stay a little closer to home, why not visit London for the weekend? Even if you live close by, perhaps even if you work there, heading there with the mindset of a tourist rather than someone who is used to the city will open the place up to you, and show you much more than you realised was there.

London’s West End is envied across the globe for being the best of its kind – there are so many theatres, and they are all, whether traditional or modern, perfect for playing host to musicals, plays, ballets, and operas. Take your pick of the plethora of shows that are on in London, and then stay overnight in one of the capital’s glorious hotels. If there’s time, you could even have tea at the Ritz, or something else just as special.

A Boutique Hotel In Paris

Paris is the city of love, and when you think of a romantic getaway, it is here that your mind might automatically go. Paris truly is a beautiful place to be, with so much history and so many famous buildings and landmarks. Climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower and marvel at the view across Paris, or enter the magnificent Notre Dame de Paris – you will never have seen anything quite like it. A boat trip along the Seine, or a stroll along its banks hand in hand is a spectacular way to watch a Parisian sunset.

When you have seen the sights, stop in at a cocktail bar and try some of the special drinks made there, and then head to dinner. France is famed for its food, and in Paris, there is no end of places to pick to enjoy a meal that will never be forgotten.

Finally, go back to your boutique hotel, a totally unique accommodation that is luxurious and where you can be pampered together.

Skiing In Switzerland

Perhaps you want to do something a little more adventurous on your romantic weekend or week away. In that case, skiing in Switzerland together could be exactly what you need. Whether you are first timers or experts on the slopes, there will be a destination that will suit your skills and your needs. Book in with an instructor before you leave home to ensure that you don’t miss out, and have some fun in the snow.

When you are worn out, head back to the ski lodge and indulge in some Gluhwein or silky hot chocolate, and then you can head out to the bars and clubs located in the picturesque villages dotted around the ski resorts themselves – the après ski experience is just as much a part of the holiday as the skiing is, and you can meet new people, too.

As for somewhere to stay, you can book into a gorgeous hotel where you can then enjoy a hot tub to warm up and a roaring fire to snuggle up in front of.

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