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3 Jobs Perfect for Prospective Freelancers

Working in an office environment doesn’t suit everyone. Whether it’s because you love the outside too much, have children to take care of, or it’s simply because the nine to five hours does not agree with you, freelancing your talents and/or services could be the perfect alternative.

With the rise in technology, it’s becoming easier for individuals to work from anywhere in the world that holds an internet connection. Not only has this created a wealth of new job opportunities, but it has also improved the pre-existing industries such as Skyping conference calls around the world or blogging in an exotic country far away from home.

If you’re feeling blue about your office job, then make sure you consider the jobs mentioned below.

English Tutor

The English language is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, just behind Chinese and Spanish. However, most countries have adopted the English language as their second language and therefore need to hire English teachers to help educate their populations. To teach, you must either be qualified in the English Language at degree level or hold a TESOL or TEFL certification. There are many online TEFL courses online, or some countries will allow you to be qualified on the job.


Becoming an English tutor offers diversity and is a perfect alternative to recent graduates who wish to travel before or instead of an office job.


If you find yourself constantly DIYing your home and believe you’re good at it, then maybe you can find both enjoyment and an income in becoming a handyman for your local community. With the growing need for handymen, this is the optimal time to start a business and become your own boss. To ensure you can keep up with the competition of plumbers and electricians, enrol in some quick courses that’ll prove to prospective clients that you are just as qualified.


Before placing your contact details in the local paper, make sure you possess the correct tools. You will also need to either buy a van or if you’re not sure how successful your business may be, look into Van Hire Birmingham that also hires across the whole of the UK.


Whether you have a degree in fine arts or equivalent, or you paint in your free time, there is a chance you could live off your artwork and provide a decent income by selling your paintings, drawings, etc. If your house permits it, build yourself a studio or look for cheap places to rent. To become successful, make sure to network with local artists, writers and lovers of art to create a brand for yourself. Also, create a website where you can promote your artwork and provide a shop for people to purchase your pieces easily. Consider branching out to sites such as Etsy which is designed to allow self-made artists easily sell their work on a commercial level.


Although freelancing means you are the manager of your own time, it does mean a lot of time is needed to become a success and earn a decent income. However, freelancing is perfect for people who wish to turn their hobbies into cash and for those who have children and a working partner for support.

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